I have had two reiki sessions and both times were so relaxing and gave me mental healing both times I almost fell asleep for me it felt kind of like warm water being poured down my body and after the sessions I've felt grounded, happy, and relaxed. Shawn F. 

During my first session I felt love pouring into me and was brought back to a special memory that released healing within me. I felt the warmth of love flowing through me. Dylan

I could not believe the intense energy I felt rushing into me.

Ginny  P 

My reading was received when I needed it more than I realized. I was standing at an emotional crossroad wondering "What should I do?" Without me asking any direct questions, Kerri Lynn was able to provide guidance, reassurance, and clarity in my decisions and thoughts of concern. I was left feeling relief and sense of grounding, it even brought tears to my eyes because I knew what I needed to do next for my own well being! Thank you can't express my genuine appreciation for this guidance from Kerri Lynn and I am looking forward to my upcoming Reiki session!

Mary-Beth B